Thursday, 18 August 2011

Aug 18/11

Had a good day bowling with the kids.  Jean had consult at hopital with Dr. so kids and I  went to Value Village. Made supper for the family and we had birthday cake for Jean. We figured one day post surgery she might not feel too much like ice cream cake. Going to take the kids to John/Jen's for a swim tomorrow to keep all our minds from dwelling on Jean's surgery until Sean calls to let us know she is out of recovery and should be home in 24 hrs. God willing.
I have to remember that little pictures have big ears...driving with the kids today and Emily mentioned how a firend of hers used to get rides home in the afternoon on a motorcycle. I said.." Do you know when you can ride on a motorcycle? When I am dead" I said. Emily said "yeah I know when Dad and Mom are dead too." Then Connor, sitting on the back said...."Nooo! I want to love Mommy and Daddy." Ahhhh poor little angel. We explained what we meant so he was fine.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Aug. 2

I'm watching 3 grandchildren while Jean goes for tests. Today is my Mother's birthday and she would have been 91. Her name was Jean too so hope that is a good sign. Went to the beach this morning with the kids and threw rocks in the water. Connor just loves that and he has a great arm. Girls couldn't play in the playground because there was a dead skunk..still smelled. Animal control was coming to get it but hadn't before we left. Kids want McD's for lunch so that is the plan.